Season of Love

It’s that time of year again when shops and malls are covered with red hearts and flowers. Red hearts and beautiful roses everywhere you look. Love songs on every radio stations. All the TV channels only showing romantic movies. It’s February, ladies and gentlemen, and that only means one thing: Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day night round the corner, its time to get shopping. Whether you are shopping for a special surprise for your significant other (men, looking at you!), something stylish for your best friends or maybe even something for yourself (#self care, right?), Boulevard One Online has you covered!

1. Esfir

Esfir earrings are the ultimate gift for the ultimate fashionista in your life. These silver earrings come in a unique clockwork design and are covered in Rosequarts and Baguette cut zircons!

Season of Love Esfir

2. Conatural

Nothing like a good pampering session! Create the perfect self-care package with organic and natural beauty products by Conatural. Body scrubs and moisturizing creams to lip balms, Conatural has skincare products that are of impeccable quality.

Season of Love - Conatural

3. Mintsa

A stunning piece, Ampelia by Mintsa is a beautifully shaded mother of pearl clutch. With crystals and pearls as embellishments, this clutch is sure to impress anyone!

Season of Love - Mintsa

4. Pink Kashmiri Chaddar by Adagio

This georgette silk cheddar with intricate and detailed embroideries is the perfect gift for the  elegant and classy lady in your life.

Season of Love - Adagio

5. Coal Amani Clutch

Red; the color of love. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this red leather clutch which will add  instant glamour to your party outfit.

Season of Love - Coal

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