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Ramadan 2020 Edition

Who would have imagined that Ramadan this year would be so different. A month where families and friends come together to spread joy (and food!) will now be spent at home, with minimum interaction with people. In Dubai, Ramadan was celebrated with lavish iftar and sahoor parties, buffets and Ramadan tents throughout the city; an opportunity for women to dress up and enjoy. But this year, Ramadan will be unlike any before. With social isolation making everyone feel sombre and melancholy, it is time to embrace the positivity of the month. Dress up for the iftaris at home, put on a bright lipstick and stay safe!

Boulevard One offers a “ship fast” feature for  UAE residents so you can enjoy the collections of talented designers in just a few days, all from the comfort of your home. The perfect example of luxury shopping at home!

Mahra the Label

Mahra the Label is a Dubai based brand that specializes in silk kimonos, abayas and dresses made of high quality fabrics. Their simple yet stylish cuts are the epitome of the elegance.

Ramadan 2020 Edition

Perhaps one of the most striking pieces from their collection, this animal print green kaftan draws heavy inspiration from Moroccan designs. Delicate Moroccan embroideries are the perfect details needed to balance this dynamic piece.

Ramadan 2020 Edition

A more festive dress by the brand is this Fuchsia banarsi dress, complete with hand embroideries and sequin embellishments. The vibrant colors of the dress are toned down by the simple cut of the dress, making it the perfect outfit for you this Ramadan.


Esfir has always designed exceptionally high quality jewelry which is known for its eclectic style. Their handcrafted pieces are the perfect balance of edgy and stylish fashion.

Ramadan 2020 Edition

This pair of unusual earrings “Ring Master” are part of their latest collection where “diversity brings a unique flavor”. With intertwining rings of turquoise stones and dangling pearl clusters, these earrings can be paired with any outfit to bring instant glamour.

Potli bags are making a comeback and Indian-based brand Beau Monde’s latest collection features some stunning potli bags! Hand-embroidered with the utmost care, this maroon velvet bag is decorated beautifully with pearls and stones. It is a statement piece bag that pays homage to the past fashion trends and is definitely worth investing in!

Ramadan 2020 Edition

Chapter 13

Family run brand, Chapter 13, is known for their intricately worked footwear. Their distinctive style celebrates local artisans and promotes the stunning work of Pakistani craft men. Balancing comfort with style, their footwear is the perfect amalgamation of Pakistani tradition with contemporary fashion.

Ramadan 2020 Edition

The design “Paan Patta” is a striking shoe with a vibrant pink brocade fabric and gold gota thread work and details. The fully foam padded in-socks and hand stitched sole make the shoe exceptionally comfortable and perfect for home wear!

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